WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform. It enables renewable energy producers to raise capital by issuing their own tokens. These tokens represent energy that is committed to be produced in the future.
We Power aims to connect green-energy producers directly with households and investors.


WePower (WPR)  |  Whitepaper 
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How do i earn?

A token holder can benefit in the following ways:

  1. Use – if you have WPR, you can use it for your own consumption (of energy/electricity).
  2. Sell before its production – you can sell the WPR you have in the trading platform.
  3. Sell to the wholesale market when it is produced and reinvest.
Additional info
  • Total WPR token supply – 746,403,007.29 WPR
  • Total WPR token supply for sale – 462,769,864.52 WPR
  • Unsold tokens will be burned
  • Soft Cap is at 5 million USD
  • Minimum investment amount – $100 (in Ethereum value)
  • Token sale date – February 1, 2018

With 25-people spearheading the ICO project of WePower and a company with 20-50 employees, it’s gives the investors a peace of mind knowing who runs the project. The whitepaper clearly indicates the founder and employees of different sectors of the project including energy markets, payments, software engineering, AI and operations.

NOVACOREX, THE CIVITAS PROJECT and CONQUISITA – these three were the first clients of WePower. The three clients are respectively from Spain and Italy and are known green-energy producers and having secured 1,000 MW for the project, it surely shows strong support from the clients.

Yes, the WPR tokens are tangible assets, meaning, it has/will have a physical form. The physical form is the renewable energy that will be produced in the future. You are buying it for a lower price than the market price and you can sell whenever you want.

WPR token holders will constantly receive green-energy as a reward for their contribution towards the platform. This is possible because Renewable Energy Producers are required to donate part of the energy to the community.

After successful power-grid integration/pilots in some parts of Spain and Italy, WePower has picked up some upcoming projects with Elering, a national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas in Estonia and with Bancor Protocol.



There are over 6 ICOs or platforms which has the same goal as WePower. Given the number of competition, WePower appears to standout its competitors with the upcoming project they will start in Kenya – a nationwide tokenization for renewable energy.

Given that token holders will receive ‘energy that will be produced in the future’ – there’s not much that you can get in your hands on, just a repurchase agreement or a repo and some contracts in it. Though this is the case for most competitors as well.
With the current road map, we can just take the word of the team and the company.

We can’t deny that WePower has a very great project running and also ahead. Though we need to consider that each country has different regulations when it comes to the energy sector. They might encounter difficulties or roadblocks with new companies or government to get on board with the idea of the platform.


Our rating

(4.5 out of 5)



The project has a very high potential, it also promotes campaign against global warming. The idea and project can be very disruptive for the current energy sector. But as always, please be careful and please be cautious in your investments towards Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs as ICOs are highly speculative.


WePower (WPR)  |  Whitepaper 
Telegram  |   Facebook  |  Twitter   |   Medium
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