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Overview We got contacted by the founders of this ICO and had an audio call, where we talked about their upcoming project. They are trying to compete with the likes of Bitfinex, Binance and even Davor. After reading their whitepaper, we were nothing but...

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Monetize Coin

Overview Monetize claims that it’s not just another lending platform, it boasts that it’s a new generation of lending platform and also claims that it has the world’s most advanced monetization and lead generation system. How does it work? Monetize uses...

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Bridge Protocol

Overview The Bridge Protocol is a community driven distributed compliance standard for ICOs that provides a safe, legal and an elegant Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) process to comply with various international regulations. It creates an...

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Legolas Exchange

Overview Legolas Exchange offers a number of solutions for known concerns and issues which is currently experienced by existing trading platforms. It aims to create a decentralized blockchain protocol that would provide full transparency and would prevent...

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