Monetize claims that it’s not just another lending platform, it boasts that it’s a new generation of lending platform and also claims that it has the world’s most advanced monetization and lead generation system.
How does it work? Monetize uses volatility-trading bots for investor returns. These bots are designed to be automated and capable of adapting to various information which it may encounter during trading.


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How do i earn?

There are two simple pathways for the investor to earn dividends through the Monetize Platform. The first is through Staking via an online wallet where the capital is not locked (i.e. readily accessible) and interest is then generated based on a fixed rate together with other influencing factors as the quantity and age of the coin/s. The second is through the traditional Lending platform that locks the capital for a period and utilizes the volatility trading bot together with a fixed percentage bonus (reflective of the investment) to generate the monthly interest.

Additional info
  • 500,000 MNZ Tokens during pre-ICO
  • Pre-ICO starts 10th of January 2018 and ends on 20th January 2018
  • ICO will launch on January 22, 2018 up until February 14, 2018
  • MNZ will exists on the ETH Blockchain • 900,000 MNZ tokens will be for sale every 3 days
  • Starting price @ $0.37 and will increase by $0.10 after each round.
  • Tokens for sale during ICO 7,500,000 MNZ (Seven Million, Five Hundred Thousand)
  • Total Coins 12,000,000 MNZ (Twelve Million)
Over 60,000 members as of this writing



Monetize is one of a minority of new generation loan platforms that have adopted a Token Buy Back Program. The proposition is that an undefined percentage of profits will be used to buy back and effectively burn tokens on a monthly basis. This in effect reduces the supply and increases the price of the token. This demonstrates a sound investment strategy and planning to ensure the longevity of both platform and investor returns.

Unlike most ICOs, the Monetize platform is one of the rare few that has adopted a flexible approach towards token sales allowing investors to withdraw their initial deposits at any given time before going live. This is a positive and furthermore an advantage to the investor having the ability to readily access deposited funds. Clearly its’ an indication of the developer’s confidence with the platform and ultimately mindful of investor’s needs.

Monetize has one of the most simple and refined user interfaces compared to current cryptocurrency loan platforms available on the market. It’s simplicity from login to the dashboard interface provides a seamless and truly relaxed experience that is embedded with information cues and real-time notifications throughout. It demonstrates a strong commitment by the development team with an emphasis on a user-friendly environment.

Relatively speaking, in the Crypto-World or even in the Stock Market, if a coin or a token has a low supply, the price of the coin or token has a big potential to go up. Bitcoin for an example, has 21-million supply and given the volume/demand that BTC has, the price has reached over $20,000. Now given that there is a total of 12,000,000 MNZ – if Monetize gets the demand and volume and we know that it has a low supply – you do the math.



It is stated in the White Paper under “Token Specifications” that Monetize coin (MNZ) is ERC20 compatible, meaning it is a token built in the Ethereum Blockchain. In the current state of the platform there is no working smart contract for Monetize, meaning the team will need to manually transfer the tokens to every token holder after the ICO. Thus, the MNZ token balance(s) registered on the website are merely numbers awaiting respective contracts. The absence of this protocol raises a red-flag as most lending ICO’s which didn’t have a Smart Contract failed to deliver the coins or tokens.

The controversial topic of the volatility trading bot that provides investor returns is light on detail and remains in name only. At its core the developers claim that the “MonetizeBot” effectively collates metadata and applies a behavioral science style statistical analysis algorithm that forms part of the overall modelling and trading strategy. The absence of any real detail or verifiable quantitative strategies that can be at least examined and/or validated through a peer review process certainly raises concern. Thus, there is no compelling evidence presently that suggests the “bot” genuinely generates revenue via cryptocurrency trading as opposed to funds sourced from token sales or new investors.

The ability to provide adequate support from platform to end-user in a timely fashion is good measure of a team’s commitment to update address investor’s concerns. It is acknowledged that this has been very efficient initially, however this has declined since the ICO pre-sale undoubtedly due to the overwhelming investor interest and limited resources to cope accordingly. Nevertheless, the integration of the official Monetize Community Support Telegram group (https://t.me/monetizecoin) has provided a further layer of interaction between investor and the business development team.

The Monetize Team like most cryptocurrency loan platforms claim to have a “legitimate” business model and supportive technology that is funded by investors. Additionally, that any disclosure or transparency would be counterproductive and subject to regulation. This is a contentious issue and a major concern for investors as fundamentally at present the lack of visible structure, governance or development team means there is no accountability.


Our rating

(4.5 out of 5)



The Monetize platform presents another unique opportunity for passive income growth that has the potential to further develop and challenge the cryptocurrency loan market. Given the large influx of interested investors (during ICO stage), the coin’s low supply and most importantly a platform designed for ease of interaction and flexibility should see this potentially rise to a value of 10-100x in the short term.


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 Monetize Coin |  Whitepaper 
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