1. Project Overview

Invacio is a complex of solutions for the development of various industries, built on a multi-agent artificial intelligence system (M.A.S) artificial intelligence using communication, financial technology and Big Data. The goal of Invacio is two-fold, first to rollout intelligent technologies for real-world applications, and second through it’s deployment fuel further research-and-development activities that advance artificial intelligence engineering.

2. Development Team

The Invacio Team and their Artificial Intelligence vision, as detailed within the white paper, demonstrates a solid professional business structure that is multi-faceted with depth and expertise well equipped to engage in activities including corporate governance, government liaison, operations, and research and development. The strength of the team profile within the company structure demonstrates the scale of qualified professional depth invested towards the realization of Multi-Agent Artificial Intelligence systems (M.A.S). It is acknowledged very positively that such detailed disclosure only cements their vision, project deliverables and overall confidence within the ICO investment community.

3. Artificial Intelligence Technology

The core Invacio’s technology is a ‘perfectly parallel’ autonomous architecture, or Multi-Agent System (M.A.S) Artificial Intelligence known as Jean. In simple terms, Jean can be likened to a popular collective consciousness found in the Stark Trek universe, the Borg, a species that continually assimilates and co-opts data throughout digital space in an effort to solve complex problems and better themselves. Whether in terms of real-time object, pattern or natural language recognition, or the gathering, cataloguing and mass analysis of data (e.g. Invacio’s fintech), or in terms of self-directed learning and emergent properties, M.A.S. presents the cutting edge of AI research.

In a similar fashion to the borg organizational relationships, Jean (i.e. borg Queen) is the collective that controls the hive of multiple specialised interacting intelligent agents (i.e. drones) that can solve problems that are difficult or impossible for individual agents or a monolithic system to solve. These agents share characteristics that include a level of autonomy being partially independent and selfaware, have only localized views (e.g. job specific) and are finally decentralised, never controlling the entire system. Additionally, the M.A.S adaptation can manifest self-organisation as well as selfdirection and other control paradigms and related complex behaviours even when the individual strategies of all their agents are simple. In essence, like the borg, using their collective power of its drones it assimilates information of interest, adapts and further adds that learnt experience or distinctiveness to the system.

On a deeper level the Multi-Agent System can be considered more technically as a hybrid of both second generation (probabilistic & statistical) and third generation (contextual adaptation) Artificial Intelligence Learning systems. Built partially with second generation concepts, it employs artificial neural networks (AAN) that can learn and adapt themselves to different situations when properly trained. This design is highly successful at understanding the world around such as pattern recognition, however limited in logical capacity where they don’t rely on precise rules, but instead they go for the solutions that “work well enough, usually”. Further enhancements using third generation design concepts where the system can now relay on several different statistical models (e.g. Monet Carlo and Markov), extract relevant information from external data sources (e.g. web and technology rich devices) meaning it can reach a more complete understanding of the environment. In this process it can self-educate, identifying common-sense rules, create new dataset relationships, has then potential (though not explicitly revealed) to improve model functionality and develop abstract thinking.

The finer details behind the proprietary AI is not readily known but what can be deduced is that it is fundamentally based on three core components: Deep Learning – Big Data Processing Framework, Self-Learning Computation – the adaptation of dynamic Artificial Neural Network (ANN) predictive models, and Scalable Infrastructure. Deep-learning in this context is tasked to learn multi-level features, to create more abstract high-level understanding that can be easily interpreted and to discover the distributed representation of the data. The Self Learning Computation component is not bound by a specific framework but rather multi-agents interacting dynamically that is built around contextual models giving ability to learn, change (depending on data flow), adapt and evolve over time how the models are best structured. This adaptive learning strategy improves the model through experience, becoming more sophisticated (with each iteration) and reliable to abstract data. Finally the Scalable infrastructure, or the critical-mass to support Jean’s growth as an AI is reliant on nonrestrictive data architecture meaning the ability to create new data structures from all existing information sources.

In summary the Multi-Agent System complex known as Jean is able to learn, adapt and evolve using dynamic predictive models, perceive the world or domain in terms of those models, perform complex reasoning and ultimately make decisions at a higher level. This has tremendous implications in the realm of AI development, and real-world applications that are only limited by human imagination.

PROS: Fully established and tested dynamic M.A.S AI implementation.

CONS: Technical Details of AAI due to proprietary nature.

4. Platform Architecture

Invacio’s ecosystem is collective of unique components and interconnected capabilities that is structured from core research and development activities to application deployment. The platform architecture either leverages the full scope of the artificial intelligence dynamically through a variety of platforms that include for example financial technologies (i.e. fintech), social networking and data storage, or as applied solutions and API services for the end user.

4.1.1. Tamius

Tamius, in simple terms is Invacio’s complex of AI driven and integrated crypto-banking solutions. It proposes a new fintech paradigm with a radical shift from a centralised banking system to one that is decentralised thereby effectively returning the power from banker to the end-user, or corporate entity. The Tamius design is purposely built to unite crypto- and fiat currencies in a single secure, user-friendly multi-channel platform that offers all of the expected conventional fiat-banking services such as current/sorting and savings accounts, loans, savings, bonds, investments and trade services.

The Tamius banking architecture, with its proprietary decentralized blockchain provides a seamless approach to fintech services by combining a number of noteworthy innovations from an intuitive currency storage and management app, and a number of integrated functional services. Whatever the client experience level, the interface has been designed to be accessible (i.e. mobile and desktop environments) with simplicity and functionality in mind. It empowers features that will enable easy transactions and subsequent tracking, the ability to use Invacio Coins (INV) for real world purchases, utility token to access internal products, solutions and future projects.

Tamius’s asset management and storage options can be simply divided into two levels: desktop digital wallet app and long-term hard storage. Tamius’s dedicated wallet application (INV Wallet) adopt’s a holistic strategy by providing the user several holding accounts across multiple currencies (both fiat and crypto), each with unique account identification. This integrated concept will ultimately enable the user to conveniently exchange an exhaustive range of currencies, and offers interbank rates of exchange between fiat currencies. Alternatively, for the ardent crypto investor desiring secure storage beyond that offered through traditional hardware wallets will be the future opportunity to access Invacio’s longterm hard storage facility. This crypto-fiat adaptation, which is currently under development by Invacio’s LABs division, will offer the same level of assurance offered by a regulated bank with a secured vault, protected from both the elements and external connectivity.

The debut of the Tamius Card connects your blockchain assets to real world payment platforms. With the integration of INV Wallet, the Tamius card will be well-positioned to serve as a one-stop hub for seamless interaction between the blockchain ecosystem and the real world. It will finally make all crypto funds accessible world-wide from conducting transactions that include e-commerce outlets, real-world point-of-sale (POS) to physical ATM cash withdrawals.

Financial and related communication security utilize both Invacio’s ‘Zero Knowledge’ end-toend encryption, and optional access to the WeNet military grade communications network framework. WeNet does not require the internet infrastructure, nor does it require a mobile network. Instead it uses an innovative Vadgama Blockchain, which is dependent upon the presence of any radio transmission medium to create a stable and portable internet gateway. This particularly useful as it offers completely secure, stable, independent end-to-end encrypted communications systems for voice, video, financial and data communications in areas where there is zero internet connectivity. Additionally, this also it offers an alternative medium to otherwise expensive, commercial, government controlled and heavily surveilled infrastructures.

PROS: All in one crypto-fiat banking platform, Debit-Card & end-to-end encryption networks

CONS: Final Stages of Development.

4.1.2. Invacio Network

An AI-powered social-network, web desktop and relevancy technology that provides all the features of a social network you have come to expect, in addition to Zero-Knowledge encrypted communications and an array of AI and data-driven instruments, indicators and services.

Invacio Network in the simplest of descriptions is an independent social-network, web desktop, and integrated relevancy technology, that provides ‘Zero-Knowledge’ encrypted communications and further draws on all of Invacio’s resources to adapt itself to your online behaviour. Built using Jean’s collective of Artificial Neural Networks and with a variety of behaviour selection algorithms (e.g. Decision/Behaviour trees) she measures a user’s online activity and patterns and through a complicated process abstracts and ultimately anticipates the relevant answers and potential related services within the given search domain.

At the core of the Invacio Network is a uniquely designed AI integrated relevancy-based technology. In this environment, Jean actually takes on the role of super sleuth, constantly searching and analysing underlying historical and real-time data for connections including those that may otherwise appear insignificant to human reasoning. If a user seeks information outside what is available within Invacio’s database then Jean will systematically deploy spider BoT’s that can explore the entire web, including the deep and dark webs, to retrieve that data, interpreting and presenting it for you creating simplicity out of complexity.

Additionally, a number of technical innovations further layer the Invacio Network core, providing both functionality and privacy in one elegant design. Encrypted ‘Zero-Knowledge’ communications systems enable secure audio/video calls, messenger service, and Invmail together with an array of integrated advanced fintech applications within the same environment. Invacio’s commitment towards data protection and privacy is further extended with the ‘burn functionality’. This feature is designed to securely erase all the intrinsic information and meta-data from a user account until it is permanently removed and no longer recoverable.

For every problem there is a solution for every question there is an answer. Invacio Network creates simplicity out of complexity, solving complex problems within data relationships to find clear ways forward and make relevant data talk in a language the user can understand. Built with an intuitive web desktop, combining all the features expected of a social network, but also incorporating an incredible array of AI and data driven instruments, indicators and services it is a powerful agent for your search interests.

PROS: AI driven social-network with encryption and burn functionality, employing spider BoTs and relevancy search analysis technologies.

CONS: None

4.1.3. Aquila

Aquila is an advanced hedge fund platform governed by human equity management. It is a collective of sophisticated proprietary analytical algorithms that utilize the full power of Invacio’s multi-agent system AI, Invacio Data and fintech divisions. Invacio’s AI autonomously roams throughout the digital space scanning and assimilating organized historic and real-time data (i.e. Big Data) using a search-and-track suite of natural-language and sentiment-analytic technologies (deriving the attitude and tone expressed) for tell-tale traces of the best opportunities in any market. Aquila’s adaptive design continually learns and evolves, responding swiftly to changes in market behaviour. The combination of AI and industry professionals interpreting the intelligence being produced and executing investments (imposing proven equity management controls) with perfect timing is a synergy of advanced capability that is second to none.

The Aquila collective consists of three independent fintech sub-divisions, known as Agnes, Archimedes and Tomahawk to harvest the limitless flow of information from both public and proprietary databases to produce actionable intelligence.

Agnes is an AI-driven fintech solution monitoring top tier stocks and also major currency pairs from all the major trading exchanges (e.g. NYSE, Nikkei and NASDAQ). She offers a layer of analysis and forecasting capability through market intelligence and entry signals such as market sentiment scores, probability indicators, and predicted End of Period prices, enabling users to quickly identify the day’s best trading options and pre-empt market movements, regardless of the market being targeted. At her core she encompasses a self-correcting algorithm using multiple deep learning and machine learning technologies making her responsive to changes in sentiment throughout the entire expanse of news, information and social media services anticipating market movements.

Archimedes is the experimental human/AI hybrid hedge fund designed as a testing ground for the refinement of the interaction between real world information and certain features of Invacio’s fintech. Built initially as a reactive trading BoT assimilating information found in market feeds and social media throughout the digital space, it primarily applied selfgenerating Markov Models (describing a sequence of possible events in which the probability of each event depends only on the state attained in the previous event) by sentiment analysis. It has naturally evolved applying itself to all the major markets including Commodities, Equities, and Foreign Exchange (Forex) and has further integrated key elements from the M.A.S short and long term predictive system. Though only a tiny part of Invacio’s fintech division, Archimedes has become a formidable technology, and a successful test will result in its being fully incorporated into Aquila.

Tomahawk is long range trading options system driven by M.A.S AI making predictions of future values over a year in advance allowing access to a lower risk long term hedge fund to all regardless of net worth. It essentially relies on a five component strategy to select deals with the highest probability of profit, which are processed by AI: market choice, market direction, timing, volatility, prices. Managing these five components both simultaneously and relentlessly in all markets selling options enables the system to choose the best deals for any given week or month.

PROS: Integration of M.A.S, Data and fintech divisions using stochastic and sentiment models.

CONS: Archimedes is currently undergoing audit for public release or integration with Aquila.

4.1.4. Invmail

Invmail is a Zero-Knowledge, end-to-end encrypted email service that is founded on the guiding principle that privacy and security of personal information are universal values which cross borders.

Messages that are stored on Invmail servers are encrypted format. They are also transmitted in encrypted format between our servers and user devices. Messages between Invmail users are also transmitted in encrypted form within our secure server network. Because data is encrypted at all steps, the risk of message interception is largely eliminated.

Invmail’s Zero-Knowledge architecture means that your data (e.g. file size, contents and metadata) is encrypted in a way that makes it inaccessible. Data is encrypted on the client side using an encryption key that you alone have access too. This means that Invacio does not have the technical ability to decrypt your messages, and as a result, are unable to hand your data over to third parties. With Invmail, privacy isn’t just a promise, it is mathematically ensured. For this reason, there is no option available to perform data recovery should the account holder loose either password or encryption key.

Communication using Zero-Knowledge architecture is further complimented with the addition of burn-functionality. This means that messages can be instantly deleted irretrievably, and even the pathways used for their storage repeatedly overwritten, obliterating every trace of the exchange. After choosing to burn, the systems these communications are channelled through retain no record of the information that has passed through them.

Open Source Cryptography using time-tested and trusted encryption algorithms is an essential ingredient to demonstrate trust. By using open source libraries, it is guaranteed that the encryption algorithms implemented do not have clandestinely built in back doors. Invmail’s open source software has been thoroughly vetted by security experts from around the world to ensure the highest levels of protection.

PROS: High fidelity encryption protocol and ‘burn’ functionality.

CONS: None

4.2. Project Solutions

4.2.1. Invacio Data

Invacio Data is a massive resource of streaming, historic and proprietary data that extends the expanse of the digital realm and is enriched by the AI’s dedicated and exploratory analytical work.

Because of Invacios’s AI, her entire collective is constantly learning and assimilating the limitless expanse of available raw data from databases and non-database sources, including the deep web, data-mining from data rich technologies (e.g. weather-station and satellite feeds) within the entire digital realm to create a highly organised real-time and historic data structure. Using natural language comprehension and sentiment-analysis algorithms this diverse array of material is transformed into valuable and actionable information.

The world of today is one rich data resource and Invacio’s AI’s omnipresence in this digital space has introduced a new order of understanding, identifying correlations to data interactions unrecognizable to human perception. Such complex relationships between different physical data (i.e. constitutive relations) from weather data to market movements, previously unknown are now being connected into new exploitable datasets. The flow of these datasets feed Jean’s development and senses through a perpetual cycle of self-improvement and potentially the creation of new meaningful dataset structures. Ultimately, this mass data collection and analytical work building data structures within datasets is what makes Invacio Data second to none.

Invacio Data caters for individuals to companies with all manner of data, correlation and analytical services in any conceivable area or discipline. If there is a spectrum of data somewhere Invacio should have it, and where a database does not exist Invacio’s AI will attempt to determine and generate it.

PROS: Advanced proprietary database and search capability.

CONS: None

4.2.2. Invacio API

Invacio Application Programmers Interface (API) offers developers unique access to isolated key analytical and functional components present within the framework of the advanced artificial intelligence.

The enormous range of API’s that is currently available cannot easily be overstated, with adaptable real-world applications that include some noteworthy utilities such as Media Analysis and Communication and Interpretative Analysis combined with machine learning capabilities.

Media Analysis APIs provide unrestricted access to both raw and analysed media-content and the ability to recognize a variety of properties that include objects, establish identities (meaning to put names to faces), approximate biometrics such as height and weight, specify gender, and can even evaluate and track emotional states.

Communication Interpretation APIs introduce a new level of analytical capability that can identify, interpret and extract both written and spoken (i.e. Voice Recognition) language. These extracted datasets can then be subject to a further cycle of sentiment-analysis, sensing the tone of the language (e.g. sarcasm or irony) which in economic terms can drastically affect sensitive markets.

Such API components in combination to intrinsic self-correcting algorithms using multiple deep and machine learning technologies further refines these key capabilities to act more efficiently in both static and dynamic environments. With Invacio’s enormous library of unique API resources for real-world applications, the impossible and complex becomes simply the possible.

PROS: M.A.S API resources, technologies and adaptability.

CONS: None

4.2.3. Alise

Alise is a unique analytical solution that enables an in-depth analysis of all on-line data relevant to a designated organization or product. In a similar manner to Invacio Network, Jean can deploy spider-bots (i.e. borg probes) throughout web, deep-web and Invacio Data drawing and analysing all relevant data associations and returning the results into interactive charts and reports. This diagnostic approach enables detection of potential problems by evaluating digital based public opinion metrics, and there the opportunity to restructure and better adapt to the market. Similarly, it also permits the opportunity to evaluate performance and standing of the competition.

Technically, Alise is able to sense complex social interactions within the digital space using sentiment analysis and real time natural language comprehension (e.g. written and spoken) that can impact a business or product within the market. The wide range of available information sources means that is able recognize changes in market conditions through historical and real-time data that include analyst reviews, social media commentary, financials, industry-specific trends, and extending its reach into the web and deep-web to retrieve all data relevant to a company or product.

In summary Alise represents an invaluable insight and significant advantage in intelligence gathering and understanding market-based opinion metrics relevant to a delivered product or service. It’s relevance in further evaluating real-time and long-term investment interests and directed market strategies is an important addition to any investment portfolio.

PROS: Public Opinion Metric review and Analysis.

CONS: None

4.2.4. Security

Invacio Security is a powerful synergy of artificial intelligence, machine learning and dataanalytic technologies focused on creating original intelligence and cyber-security solutions.

Built on the foundation of Invacio’s Multi-Agent System (M.A.S) it maintains an intelligence watch, autonomously and relentlessly sweeping through the entire digital expanse applying visual, auditory, and natural language recognition algorithms from streaming media to the vast global reach of CCTV and satellite surveillance networks. Intelligence information from as small as a recognisable word, a voice profile to a visual appearance that connect a person or group can be automatically flagged for further tracking. The system with its search-and-seek style algorithm assimilates and analyses all available data sources from the web, deep-web and data-rich technologies and through Invacio Network and Data is able to identify, locate and track targets of interest.

Using Invacio’s deep- and machine-learning technology coupled with behavioural modelling strategies, enormous amounts of raw data is associated and clustered into new datasets revealing patterns and relationships previously unknown. From these new datasets customisable APIs enable such details as identities and locations to be established, biometrics (e.g. height, weight and gender), facial recognition and emotional states evaluated and tracked, to even conversations processed in real-time using sentiment analysis.

Invacio Security has created an omnipresent technology, interfacing to real-world environments that monitors and adapts quickly to evolving security and intelligence threats. Such capabilities can dramatically enhance borderless law and order on a global scale, however it does exhibit a clear and present danger if perverted by state- or privately operated security intelligence organizations. Hence, important operational guidelines and accountability must be in place in order to ensure transparency and responsible application.

PROS: M.A.S Intelligence gathering and Analysis capability.

CONS: Privacy concerns and misuse without clear legislative policy and guidelines.

4.3. Subdivisions

4.3.1. Invacio Labs

Invacio Labs is an independent research and development institute and think tank, that primarily focuses on artificial intelligence design and engineering, applied-technologies and secondary applications within politics and business. As such the Invacio Labs cutting-edge technology development is structured into two divisions, Applied AI and Invacio Research.

The Applied AI Division, lead by the founder William West, closely examines the performance of the core multi-agent system Artificial Intelligence, and associated fintech and non-fintech related technologies within the public and private domains. Whether investigating applications of blockchain technology, creating new APIs or developing the technical, statistical and analytical tools used elsewhere by Invacio, the Applied division is the engine room of Invacio’s Research division.

Invacio’s Internal Research Division a front-runner in artificial intelligence and dataset engineering is where original ideas are conceived, researched and eventually applied. As with all human developed systems and data stores, there are always temporary gaps and limitations that can discovered through each iteration. It is this fundamental recognition that drives Internal Research to discover ways to help the AI overcome any expressive limitations and determine what relevant information would be beneficial for Jean to recognize a need to revise her assumptions.

Conversely, Invacio Lab’s External Research operates almost entirely as a think-tank, performing research and advocacy activities concerning topics such as political strategy, economics and technology. Using an unconventional approach without a reliance on the use of favourite or ideological theoretical models or data structures (that may otherwise confine original thought), to determine meaningful results, only informative structures are adopted that align with the nature of scientific investigation. In this environment the AI-driven natural language and statistical analysis technologies being so sensitive to public sentiment in the digital world is instrumental in monitoring, analysing and forecasting shifts in public opinion. Additionally, it has the ability to analyse potential benefits and risks of policy implementation in new areas based on the performance and opinion analyses of previous similar projects. Ultimately, this extraordinarily powerful instrument has the capability to provide new perspectives and intelligence for individuals or corporate entities desiring perfection in their activities, to refining government and economic policies in a dynamic world.

5. Token Smart Contract

Invacio has adopted the INV token identification and development through ERC20 standards. It has been purposely integrated with the ETH Network to ensure that all interactions, exchanges, smart contracts and wallet storage are seamless, secure, swift and straightforward, across all token platforms. This standard is well established, stable, strong, and has been widely adopted throughout the blockchain community.

The widespread adoption of the ERC20 framework across multiple token platforms also means that any tokens built to the ERC20 standard (e.g. contract details) can be easily listed across both centralised and decentralize exchanges with nothing more than the token contract address. The same applies to the listing of any and all ERC20 compliant tokens in one wallet, providing a centralized point of access for all your cryptocurrencies. Additionally, given the increased adoption of the ERC2O standard throughout the blockchain community and the growing congestion, the Invacio development team are looking towards the adoption of the ERC223 standard to tackle future challenges.

PROS: ERC20 Contract/ETH Network Adaptation and ERC223 development.

CONS: None

6. Token and capital distribution

The launch of INVACIO COIN will serve a number of business development purposes, most importantly however is that will assist in raising the capital required to begin final testing and deployment of platforms and associated solutions to market. As such the Invacio Coin (INV) cane be considered a utility token enabling access to the range of Invacio’s market-ready systems, from Zero-Knowledge end-to-end encrypted communications, advanced data repository and financial offerings, but also a doorway to TAMIUS, Invacio’s decentralized blockchain banking system.

In order to further develop and promote the Invacio platform, a token generation event (TGE) offered for sale (Pre-Sale + Public ICO) 150 million Invacio (INV) tokens out of a 450 million total supply. The proceeds of the TGE will be allocated with 40% – Research and Development, 23% – Operations, 23% – Infrastructure and Setup Costs and finally 14% Marketing. The coin itself is not mineable, and any unsold tokens will be burnt thereby ensuring the limited supply stimulates token value and demandto access the advanced programs and services contained within the platform. This phase of the project presents a clear and well-defined distribution strategy for future growth of the platform with a distinct emphasis on the development of the core technology.

PROS: INV utility style token and well-structured TGE.

CONS: None

7. Road Map

The Invacio project road map is a quite detailed step-by-step development strategy with progress status (since white-paper listing) and expected roll-out dates that is quite ambitious given the scale of products under development. It also evident that some of the products and solutions are being developed in parallel at their final stages (e.g. front-end interface & billing systems) which is not a difficult task but can potentially negatively impact the overall platform delivery. The absence of a strict product and solution development timelines, including potentially an active completion status indicator (web-linked) does raise some concern given the technical enormity.

PROS: Detailed step-by-step synopsis of development strategy.

CONS: Absence of active web-based progress indicator.

8. ICO Token Sale

Invacio ICO token sale will be rolled-out sequentially through six stages in order to reach a total investment capital, or hardcap of USD100,000,000. Each stage strategically provides a clear token bonus schedule for amounts in excess of USD100 which serves to encourage both early participation and a convenient minimum investment. Payment system options conveniently include fiat (e.g. USD & EURO) with KYC integration, relevant transaction banking fees dependent upon country and an established range of cryptocurrency. The INV ICO token sale platform provides flexibility with a variety of options, bonus arrangements and a simplified approach to participation.

Token Price in Stages:

Stage 1: 1 INV Token sold at $0.30 (20% Bonus)

Stage 2: 1 INV Token sold at $1.00 (50% Bonus)

Stage 3: 1 INV Token sold at $1.00 (40% Bonus)

Stage 4: 1 INV Token sold at $1.00 (30% Bonus)

Stage 5: 1 INV Token sold at $1.00 (20% Bonus)

Stage 6: 1 INV Token sold at $1.00 (0% Bonus)

PROS: ICO token sale breakdown, token bonus schedule and payment system.

CONS: Fiat payment options governed by country regulations.

9. White Paper

Invasion’s White-Paper demonstrates a technically proficient and comprehensive overview of the ICO that adopts traditional top-down approach to content. The introductory content presents an overview of the vision, business platform and structure that is presented intelligently and without ambiguity. Intermediate sections that form the bulk of the White-Paper cover platform design, the Multi-Agent
System (M.A.S) and associated real-world engineering features that leverage the artificial intelligence written at a semi-technical level for a wide audience. More advanced concepts dealing with artificial intelligence such as deep- and machine learning that are core to the technology are identified albeit briefly ensuring maximum understanding but also to protect the proprietary nature.

Finally, further details that encompass the technical roadmap, terms and conditions, strategic vision post ICO and the Invacio team are fully disclosed for community consumption in a professional and structured manner. Clearly, the white-paper has been professionally written and thoroughly vetted to maximise comprehension and catering for a wide audience with differing levels of business and technical knowledge. Additionally, it is also noteworthy to mention that it is sufficiently coherent in content to make an informed investment decision.

PROS: Semi-technical overview covering all aspects of INV ICO and M.A.S project.

CONS: Very lengthy white-paper and some repetition.

10. Communication and Support

Invacio demonstrates a well planned and executed strategy towards community knowledge and awareness with a distributed focus not only on the individual private investor but also the corporate and government investment community. Marketing has delivered a solid effort to gain traction and acceptance of the revolutionary M.A.S within the global community through strategic awareness through the use of mass media and attendances at reputable conferences.

Invacio’s website is well structured providing an informative overview utilizing both textual and streaming video content detailing the entire platform from the company and business details, engineered products leveraging the AI, press releases, legal to links to active social media. However, despite the detailed nature of the website there is some presence of unstructured and repetitive information that can be a little confusing. In terms of social media presence, the Invacio team is consistently active, discussing all matter of topics and updating regularly via various popular services such as Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, Crunchbase, BitcoinTalk and YouTube.

Invacio’s approach towards effective communication and support of the platform throughout the investment community is model of professionalism and dedication, showcasing the very best of human endeavour towards a vision that is second to none.

PROS: Extensive online/offline communication and support infrastructure

CONS: None.

11. Conclusion

Invacio’s ground breaking Multi-Agent System AI (Jean) is a masterpiece of technical complexity, elegance and human ingenuity that brings forth the future of integrated artificial intelligence in to the world of today. The team’s achievements to date have already demonstrated outstanding performance in live tests that have run the whole range of products and services, from ‘ZeroKnowledge’ end-to-end encrypted communications, ground-breaking data repository and fintech offerings, to TAMIUS, the revolutionary decentralized blockchain banking system that underlies cryptocurrency. It clear that some of Invacio’s offerings are in the final stages of development and coupled with the technical enormity in delivering the entire range within the development time-line may yet still prove to be challenging. Invacio represents the beginning of a Michelangelo style renaissance of artificial intelligence engineering and technology integration in real-world applications that will undoubtedly spur further future development.


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