We got contacted by the founders of this ICO and had an audio call, where we talked about their upcoming project. They are trying to compete with the likes of Bitfinex, Binance and even Davor. After reading their whitepaper, we were nothing but impressed. It was like reading one of those ideas where you read it and wonder “Why did I not think of this?”. Without any further delay, let’s jump in review this project.

 EasyExchanger (ECE) |  Whitepaper 
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Additional information:
  • Total supply of 300,000,000 ECE Tokens
  • The first stage ECE coin will be priced at $0.05 a piece
  • 100,000,000 ECE coins will be for sale during the crowdsale
  • ICO start date is on February 9, 2018 and will end by February 25, 2018 or when the hardcap is reached

The demand for cryptocurrency exchanges is very high. These days, most traders like to use new exchanges to get some coins for a cheap price, rather than waiting for those coins to get on exchanges like Bittrex or Binance, and having to buy it for 10x more. Due to this, small exchanges are getting huge trade volumes every day. Easy Exchanger could easily be one of such exchanges at the beginning and eventually grow out and get huge.

Their ICO is priced starting at $0.05 for the first round, but since it is going to be in their own exchange, the final and the only price of ECE tokens will be $1 after the ICO (kind of like USDT or Tether from Bitfinex). Do the math, one could possibly make 20x the money invested in one month.

Another thing that we always like to look at is if a project does or does not have a working smart contract. Fortunately, these guys do, meaning investors will get the tokens on their MEW or Metamask wallets as soon as the Ethereum they send is received by the smart contract.

Our conversation with them was very pleasant, they definitely sounded like they knew what they were doing.

They only have 2 levels of referral system, which shows a clear intent that they are aiming to run this project for a very long time.

Every ECE holder will also get their EasyLend token airdropped to their wallets, in the near future. While the idea of another lending project felt a bit weird in the beginning, our mind was soon changed when they mentioned that the exchange earnings can be used to compliment their trading bot on less volatile days.


The claims from their team is big. Trying to be both Bitfinex with a Tether like token, and Davor which is the most successful lending platform today could take a lots of hard work and sleepless nights.

Just like many other exchange and lending projects, they want to stay anonymous. The reason for that, according to them: “We want to stay away from government regulations so that every person can enjoy the freedom of cryptocurrencies, regardless of their National regulations.”, which we think is very reasonable.


Our rating

(4.5 out of 5)



This project definitely looks like it could yield huge returns for it’s early investors. 20x potential is huge, so the their goal. Imagine investing in the Binance Coin (BNB) at 5 cents per coin.



 EasyExchanger (ECE) |  Whitepaper 
Telegram  |   Facebook  |  Twitter